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What programs do you have on your Mac to make it look eye-catching to passerbys?

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I'm still acquiring some hardware that I need before I can start actively using my OS9 setup. That said, currently whenever I need to boot it up I use it for almost nothing other than moving files around and installing programs. While watching it do that from a distance I had thought "hm, staring at this static screen all the time gets kinda boring, so I should put something on it that'll make it look snazzy for a minute or two when I can't use it". So what do you folks have? A screensaver? A program that has some kind of looping graphic? Etc.

AfterDark for when you are not using it and Kaleidoscope for when you are ;)

i once had a stack of 32 compact macs (8x4) running hypercard in my bedroom (they were given to me free when local elementary school upgraded to imacs).  they would run a custom cyberpunk themed hypercard stack i had made.  on the plus side the stack of macs heated my room in the winter, on the down side the electricity bill quickly put an end to my little art installation...  i kept 12 of them (4x3) to serve as a keyboard stand of sorts for an emu emulator II that i had got from a pawn shop for $200.  those were the days...

Not done yet (if ever), but I think this would be eye-catching with iMac G3 400 Mhz SE (that has clear (with little blue) plastic):
- Take CRT-tube away. (know what you are doing, electrical shock risk!, even with power off)
- Take picture that is taken where ctr-tube screen should cover whole your picture on place where you put iMac for eye-catching.
- Put CRT-tube back.
- Put that picture to Finder desktop-background.
- So only Finder needed for eye-catching...ok iMac G3 400 Mhz SE looks still cool even switched off  ;)

Modern eye-catching is look like retro:
- put 256-color grayscale colors to Finder (if somebody know how to put 2 color-mode in MacOS9, let me know)
- So only Finder needed for eye-catching, again.

Netscape with


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