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Trying to open a .toast file


Hello folks,

I downloaded a few old versions of Electric Image. I have

* ElectricImage_AS_from_KT_.toast

* ElectricImage_Universe4.0.toast, and

* Electric Image 3.0 Universe.smi

The latter wouldn't launch due to an "unknown error, #-36".

The former two seem to need Toast, which I have for OS9 (v5.1). But, I am not sure how to open these programs with the .toast extension. I dumped them into Toast just to see what would happen, but all that did was create a list of files for Toast to burn. I did a few searches here, but didn't find anything that seemed relevant.

Any ideas?

the toast files, you need to go into Toast, select the "Other" button at the top of the Toast window, and select "Disc Image"... from there you can select the disk image (.toast) file and mount it on the desktop.
If you just drag the file over onto toast it assumes you are wanting to burn a data disc with files on it.

.smi is a self-mounting image file. Its basically a disk image with an expander application embedded in it. Ive always had inconsistent results with them but sometimes you can open them with Disk Copy. Other times I've had to use ResEdit and change the file type resource to get it to be recognized as an application and not just a file. .smi files seem to be very touchy and a lot of times they just don't work at all (that's just my experience though, YMMV)


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