Author Topic: New German Member MarcC needs a graphics card, can anyone local send him one  (Read 1110 times)

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PMf rom From MarcC
Hello Die Hard!
Now my G4 ( 2x 1,25 GHz PPC ) runs perfect with your Instant DAW and  a few more PlugIns, except the Graphik Resolution.
My G4 runs on an ATI 16MB AGP Graphikcard with 1x DVI and 1x ADC.
The ADC Port doesnt matter to me, cause i havent got an adapter to DVI  or VGA.
Saw one on ebay, but it was to expensive (60,- ) and i dont know the max. Resolution of the ADC Port wirh this card.
I need a better Graphikcard for 2 Monitors, both at 1920x1080 and 2x DVI or 1x DVi and 1x VGA.
I have an ATI Radeon 9000 AGP 128MB card, but it is the Windows PC Version.
Do you know someone who can patch the Bios of my Radeon 9000 to MAC?
Or do you know someone who sales any Graphikcard who can do  1920x1080 and have 2x DVI or 1x DVI and 1 x VGA.
Model doesnt matter.
I even would give my Radeon 9000 and 2x 16MB ATI cards for it.

best regards and thanks a lot

I am thinking even a 32MB G4 Card for be good for him

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you can buy mdds in germany locally for 20 eur, incl gfx
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I even pay for it !
Can only find MDDs for 60,- and up.
But they have always the same AGP Card i have.

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your best bet is to find a G4 quicksilver or MDD with a broken PSU. no more than 20-30 euro if you can fetch it yourself.
the chance is high that "broken" computers contain one of the standard graphic cards which these macs once shipped with.

but i have read your original question now and i would like to add here that you probably only have a problem with your specific monitor model or got something wrong with some settings.

because a GPU which works in a G4 would normally always support resolutions such as your 2k monitors. even the voodoo 3 from times years before the G3 processor give you 2000*1500 at the analog port (for normal 2D, not for games)

a geforce 2 MX lets you run 3D games in 1920*1200, a geforce 4 MX does the same for two monitors. analog and 2d is somewhat higher again.

if you dont find macs or cards at an acceptable price, it might be cheaper to get yourself other 2k monitors which will match better. but try multiresolutions and switchres first. they might offer you more settings than MacOS alone.

ADC adapters are unfortunately hard to find, i paid 15 euro for my last one and had to search about 8 weeks to find it.
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