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OS 9 classic with logic 4.1.5 no native sound

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John Hill:
Has anyone got this ver. of logic to produce sound out of a g5 dual power pc without an external or internal additional soundcard. The software works fine, I can export wav, aiif files etc, I just cant hear them. Why do I want to ???? well ......Old logic files from ver 2.6, can be read on logic ver.4, including the old form SD2 split stereo files, they can then be exported to the current ver. of logic on a modern apple computer. Than allows 25 years of forward capability of logic audio , audio and midi files.......I think that is pretty cool. I just cant hear them until I export the session or waves. Cheers

doesnt logic support "soundmanager" or "system" as output? for example for use with built-in speakers?

"ASIO soundmanager" or EASI soundmanager(?) will not be enough and they wont work in CE.

John Hill:
Thanks for the reply.....yes one can select internal speakers in the system preferences, but on booting up logic it says " Error code 28479 was returned by mac AV driver'                I have looked but cant find that error code. ??? .

On my Mac Pro Tower with High sierra I just tried Logic 4.6 in QEMU version 4.2 that supports virtual sound "Screamer" version, for those not familiar find QEMU here:,6043.0.html

Unfortunately, all the versions of QEMU that have sound need Mac OS 9.2.2 to have Virtual memory "ON" for sound to function correctly and Logic, just like Cubase needs Virtual memory set to "OFF" in OS 9 to work.  In my test, Logic installed and loaded, but then overloaded when trying to play a project with sound :(

if you listen to a rendered result while you render the next one already, you loose almost no time.



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