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Perhaps yet another reason to stick with our older machines and software packages!

“Pantone requires a $15 monthly subscription to use its colors
in apps like Photoshop and Illustrator. Colors in old PSD files are turning
black for some.” - The Verge  11/01/2022

I have seen already PDF:s that only has CMYK+color1+color2 and then in printing press choose inks for color1 and color2 as customers want.
Pantone system is not so is just one of the color systems that is mostly used these days. I like LAB-colorspace system more.

Two unfortunate things with this news:

* the title is inaccurate bordering misleading: it is the rendering of some color that no longer happens in latest Photoshop and the age of files is irrelevant
* the behavior of Photoshop is shameful: they could have added a warning window to inform about color rendering and offered to either install the plugin and subscribe or convert the file to another color space (instead of letting it render black)
Yet it happens at a point in Photoshop history where it is almost a non-event: all the users that are not ATM already went for a plan B and those left do not care or are making money using this tool. But as usual, it is a shame they spent weeks or months debating about money behind the scene and nobody thought about the user experience  :-\

Suggest reading of THIS entire article.

Chris Stokel-Walker / WIRED 11-2-2022


•Aaron Perzanowski, coauthor of The End of Ownership, researches intellectual and personal property law at the University of Michigan Law School. He says the standoff shows “how the shift from products to services erodes consumer ownership and puts us at the mercy of largely unaccountable companies.” He adds that Pantone has no underlying intellectual property rights when it comes to either individual colors, or the color libraries of which they are a part. “There’s no copyright protection available for individual colors, and the limited trademark rights for specific colors don’t apply here either,” Perzanowski says.

•Adobe spokesperson Erin Di Leva says that the company is “currently looking at ways to lessen the impact on our customers.” Iain Pike, senior global director of product and licensing at Pantone, says the company does not “determine the pricing, features, or user experience” offered by companies that use its color library, but that it collaborates with such companies “to create the best possible customer experience.”

•The problem is that most people who use Pantone colors use them because printers worldwide standardize the production of colors by using Pantone profiles. “I make a lot of screenprints,” says Semple. “I need a reliable reference for my printers to ensure we’re both talking about the same color.” And right now there’s no real alternative solution. It’s an industry standard. “I can have a manufacturer in the Far East making something and say, ‘The blue is 660c,’ and they know what I’m talking about,” says Semple, referring to the Pantone code for a Facebook-style blue color. “That’s the whole point.”

AND / OR / also… this from Gizmodo:

I posted this in the downloads last year, but I am not sure if it is of any use to anyone...,5726.0.html


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