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--- Quote from: nateman831 on November 03, 2022, 09:18:55 AM ---In Spark XL, were you able to progress in the "playlist" from one song to the next? For me, it either stops playing, or repeats the same song

--- End quote ---

canīt remember. i used it to play my own songs, not as a radio. (i am not a big fan of playlists and catalogs, mildly put, i am an everything-via-finder person)

for example i used it as 32 bit float to mp3 encoder, for it has better quality than QT6/media cleaner in OS9.

to be honest, the autocreation of these seperate waveform files is a PITA.

Can't remember if you can do lists... but will it can definitely go ASIO or non-ASIO, also you have real time effects like multi-band compression & EQ while playing, maybe you could "script" or macro a palylist

SonicWORX Power Bundle,856.0.html

Also, check here:

lastly, there is "MoreAmp",480.0[/url.html

Remember, many Pro sound cards can "route" mac system sound to your sound card, so if you find an awesome program that does not offer ASIO support, you should invest in a card/interface that can route "system sound" to your audio system


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