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RME Digi Set Up Ideas

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So I just acquired a batch of RME cards. I'm interested in figuring out what to keep and what to sell. 

In that vein, I wanted to get input on which cards would be most useful to hold onto in order to preserve useful options for playback and recording... The goal is to keep as few as possible while preserving the greatest utility...

The cards I have are:

(2) RME Digi 96/8 Pad
(2) RME Digi 96/8 Pro
(1) Word Clock Module Mk II
(3) RME AEB4-I (input expansion)
(1) RME AEB4-O (output expansion)
Plus cables to connect the cards

Unfortunately no breakout cable, but I'm considering looking for one.

I plan on keeping at least 1 PAD as that seems to be the high end card.
I may hold onto one each of the output and inout expansion cards for those options.
I'm still somewhat confused about how to properly use the Word Clock Module.

I've been researching all of this for a little while, and will continue to do so, but since this forum has people with lots of experience here, I wanted to get some input as well...


To add some more specific questions:

Would 4 channels of inputs be considered sort of the minimum of a simple recording setup - thereby allowing you to record L/R for vocals at the same time as L/R of an instrument?

The input expansion cards are "limited" to 24/48 - which might not be that big a deal. However the main cards themselves are 24/96 capable.

So perhaps I'd like to run two of the main cards in parallel for enough channels? Would I need the Word Clock Module for using two cards in parallel? Or is the WCM used for other devices?

Nobody can tell you have many channels you need. What do you want to do? If all you're recording is a synth with one output, then all you need is one channel. I don't think anyone records (solo) vocals in stereo. Most instruments are mono too, except synths. Unless you're really trying to capture the space you're in, in which case you probably want stereo - but unless you're recording in a church or concert hall, you aren't. Quite the opposite, actually.

I don't worry about sample rates myself. But really, just trust yourself. Record something and listen to it. Are you happy with it? Don't lean on what people on the internet say.

As far as I can tell, word clocks are typically used for larger setups, not simple ones? Would that be a good generalization?

Every DAC or ADC has a word clock (the moments in time that it samples), but they are typically internally sourced. You would only need to synchronize the word clocks of multiple devices in case you have a signal chain that goes through them and their ADCs must not have any jitter between them.
For example, let's say you have an outboard effects unit like a Quadraverb with S/PDIF output into your DAW, and also use the analog ins of the DAW for additional tracks in the same recording. Since there are two separate ADCs that are part of the same signal chain, synchronizing their word clocks will prevent jitter.


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