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InterwebPPC and Netflix

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This is more a 10.4 question (If someone can point me to a good 10.4 forum would be great too):
I have Interwebb PPC on my G4 MDD now but netflix does not work - is there any way of fixing this as I thought InterwebbPPC had HTML5?

Also whatsapp web reports unsupported browser

Also, what is the best browser for 9.2.2?

I am actually writing this from my G4 now on the internet (I am using a usb bluetooth to my phone, i do have the airport but my phone only seems to allow WPA or No Security as an option)
Kind regards

Hi Scott,

I am afraid that for InterwebPPC and Netflix, it is "slightly" more than just having HTML5 as it is a markup with some additional protocols supported. In the case of Netflix, it requires the secure content streaming thingamagee and it would require some determined development to try and get something (if ever possible). Think about the TLS blogposts and the challenges to deal with the crypto and multiply by 10 just for the fun of making sure nobody can watch "game of naked dragons" for free.

On the Whatsapp site, as long as there is no glitch like i.e. on LinkedIn, you should be able to work around such browser checks by changing the browser identifier (and I think you can save the pref per site).

And finally, for OS9, classilla is still head and shoulders above everything else but the crypto may be lacking for some sites so you may need to resort to some crypto ancienne tricks to proxy your traffic to retro-freedom ;)

Super - thank you for this useful info! :)


--- Quote from: ScottC2022 on September 06, 2022, 07:35:40 AM ---This is more a 10.4 question (If someone can point me to a good 10.4 forum would be great too):

--- End quote ---

I’m biting my own tongue here, but… as we (yet) do not have
a specific game oriented section AND you’ve some OS X related
questions - the MacRumors “PowerPC Macs” section might be a
good place for your more OS X specific questions.  ;)

(BUT - they do NOT seem to focus very much on OS 9).

Still however, I believe that we are the ultimate source for
the interplay, concerns & caveats for “dual-boot” machines
and the two operating systems.

Some here may arguably maintain that “there can be only ONE”. OS 9!

And you might also visit & check their “PowerPC Model Forums”.

Fab - thanks for this!  8)


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