Author Topic: powermac G3 / yamaha CBX-D5 setup issue  (Read 1225 times)

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powermac G3 / yamaha CBX-D5 setup issue
« on: August 21, 2022, 07:05:20 AM »

I have an issue with my powermac G3 / Yamaha CBX-D5 audio processor set up.

As advised in the CBX documentation the SCSI chain is:

powermac G3 (mac os 9.1, logic audio 4.7)<->scsi hard disk (scsi id 4, 6x1GB partitions formatted)<->CBX-D5 (scsi id 5), scsi terminated

There is a midi connection between the mac and the CBX.

Switch on order is: scsi hard disk, CBX-D5 and powermac.

I installed the CBX extension given in the thread

There no error at boot with the setup.

From the documentation, if I understood correctly, the CBX system is:

The mac, thru the audio driver (selected in logic audio), asks the CBX-D5 to play/record the audio files from/to the scsi drive between the mac and the CBX. The CBX cannot do that from the mac internal SCSI drive, the external scsi drive is mandatory. No particuliar filesystem is needed, the CBX can read the native filsystem.

When I set the CBX-D5 as audio default device I can play an audio file with quicktime thru the CBX-D5, even from the internal mac disk.

The first time I ran logic audio, I could import and play an aiff file from the external scsi hard disk (flashing audio frequency led, active output bargraph). That was good !
But months after, when I was back to this system, the mac internal battery was dead then I had to set up the correct time.

After, I didn't manage to get any sound from the CBX (months ago It was working...). No flashing audio frequency led, no active output bargraph.

I tried to repartition the external scsi drive, I tried to use mac filesystem or mac filesystem journaled formats. No success.

I really don't understand what is wrong.

As a system audio device the CBX-D5 still works (thanks to the CBX extension), not very usefull for a DAW.

Any ideas ?


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