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pro tools m-powered 6.7 or 6.8 disc for osx


if anyone has this please step forward;)
as its the only m-powered/m-audio version of PT that will work on 10.3!
and id like to get a copy of the cd to see if my pt7 will authorize it!

theres a version for windows here
pretty sure i checked this disc it is only windows not mac
but im looking for the mac version of the iso disc
which would allow use of rewire/protools with m-audio hardware on mac os x panther

this software came out in summer 2005
heres the original article discussing

--- Quote ---For the first time ever, Digidesign's Pro Tools recording software is available as a stand-alone product, which can be used in conjunction with any of five audio interfaces from M Audio.
--- End quote ---

again to be clear my interest in this is because i have m-powered 7 hardware key (red ilok)
but this m-powered 7 has a minimum requirement of
G4 cpu, 933mhz+ 768MB, mac os 10.4+

if i can find this cd + the authorization works for this lower version
then i could use on 10.3+

just to update this thread..
i tried this.. and as far as i know.. the m-powered 7.x license on the usb ilok
WILL NOT AUTHORIZE the m-powered 6.x  so confirmed that this key does not authorize lower versions the way
some steinberg + logic dongles work.


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