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CRT Base snapped


I have a studio display crt which i bought along with a nice G4 MDD for 25 but the base had been snapped,
I managed to remove it using the guide here:
Does anyone have a replacement or know where i could get one?
Thank you!

May be very difficult to locate / replace.

If you have all of the bits...
you might try a two part epoxy.
Extremely strong bond.

Of course it depends upon where exactly it "snapped". ;)

My dad is going to make a cylinder base that will sit under the centre and reach the bottom (about 8cm) and then glue it on as well as re-glue the broken leg, if i can't find one that should hopefully work ok as a tempoary solution, i should then be able to put something like tape around the join to hide it and then do the same the other side to make it look ok  :)

Same problem here with a 19" that I use with my Power Mac 8600. I just threw the plastic base away and it's now resting on a piece of wood below the front panel that lifts it up to an angle comfortable for me to work with. (and giving it some airflow from below too, not that it'd need it I guess)

 :) That's great and it actually does sit ok without the base and looks maybe a bit better!


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