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Wipeout 2097 cutting out on classic mode and general help with Classic


I am fairly new to this but i do have some old G5's also so have some minimal knowledge of the apple os,
I have a G4 MDD with dual 1.25 processors and 2GB Ram 64MB ATI Graphics with the very nice Studio Display CRT which I bought the other week for 25
All working well but I can't get Wipeout 2097 to work (It runs until to the selections screen, choose the game and click start then just quits out) - it does the same whether in 10/4/11 or Classic mode
I have 10.4.11 and Classic 9.2.2 which I downloaded here
Also, with the Mac OS 9.2.2 Universal Install (Our Most Popular Download) I just copied it to a folder i created but i could not get the install to work as it says it can't quit finder, is there something i need to do? It also comes up with the drive program but does not see and drives.
Kind regards


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