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Hi all. Bought a Sonnet ST G4 and wanted to change the thermal paste but can't remove the heatsink.
It looks like an ordinary hexagon, but in the middle there is a spire.
Can anyone tell me what kind of hexagon is needed to remove the radiator.
Thanks in advance.

Security Torx, looks like TR8 but I don't have the measurement to check the size. Get a cheap set of bits at Harbor Freight if you don't need them often.

yep, torx-TR is like torx, that silly nudge should prevent that a regular screwdriver can be used.

i think he needs to find out if it is millimeters or inches before he buys something? torx and other hexgonal often use anglo-saxon metrics when the product comes from US or UK. (motu, digitech, kurzweil... not apple.)

it is quite difficult to find those in germany for an appropriate price, not to speak of ukraine. i once bought mine in a weaponry shop(!), because 100% of the ebay offers were  + 10 euro shipping from UK. :)

Actually, that "silly nudge" will also prevent a regular Torx from gripping as well.
The TR stands for "tamper–resistant". You need a Torx key with a hole in the end as attached.
I certainly can't be certain  ;D of the size from here, but probably a T15 or a T20.
For example, this one has from T10 to T40 and sells for $7 in the U.S.

Thank you all very much.
I'll take it with me to the Sonnet store so as not to buy an extra bit.


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