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Quicksilver sound sizzles in Mac OS 9.2.1

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I have a Quicksilver upgraded with a Rev B board and a Dual CPU card.
Using a SSD with some IDE to SATA adapter.
From time to time, I have a very high sizzle sound coming out of the speaker at startup, at the time that the first disk icon appears on the desktop. Duration is one second or will not stop.
It happened with OS 9.
I thought it was a hardware issue, but it looks more like a software problem.

Happen with internal speaker and Apple round speakers with internal speaker disconnected.
I have 4 partitions on the SSD, one with 10.4 Tiger, 2 with 2 different implementations of 9.2.1
Never happen with Tiger
Happened only once with 9.2.1 new
Happen almost every time with Z1 9.2.1 (international version)
I copied some sound extension from one partition to another, no change.

I am lost, what could create this sizzle sound?

This post in the hardware section is describing the same situation, but there was never an answer  :(,5517.msg40916.html#msg40916

Hey Borgmac!

Of course we’d all love to hear a recorded sample of that sizzle…

And I’m going to go with all connections cleaning (again, we’re now often looking at tarnish and oxidation of contacts… everywhere). Even the simple wired earbuds on my iPhones act up if I haven’t used them for awhile / and plugging & un-plugging them repeatedly helps to remedy that situation (as plug contact then improves.

We know that OS 9 (varieties) are often more sensitive than OS X flavors in many respects AND then there’s also the possibility of “noise” within your home’s wiring system from various other electronic items / devices… not to mention fluorescent and even some LED fixtures. (“Line noise”.)

Perhaps your QS is just more sensitive lately?

Review any and all recent changes to your machine and the possibility of “outside interference”.

Any HAM / shortwave radio operators in your area? Does this happen at any particular time of day?

That’s all I got. ;)

Oh! And then there’s the matter of that recent solar activity…

Since it never happens in OSX but only in OS9, let's surmise it's software.

The very first step here is to startup OS9 - Shift key held down - for "Extensions OFF"
If the noise persists, skip to the last sentence. If no noise then you start looking for the naughty Extension.
There are a few different ways of doing that. I suggest:
Make a new set of half of the Extensions you now have active and start with that.
If noise, the bad one is in that set. If no noise, the bad one is in the other half.
Cut the bad 1/2-set in half the same way, test and repeat.
Keep dividing the bad set in half until you get down to the offender - it really doesn't take very long.
Give the sets names as you go along to keep them organized and do NOT delete the original set.

If that doesn't solve it, holler back and we'll try something else.

broken amplifier?

“From time to time, I have a very high sizzle sound coming out of the speaker at startup, at the time that the first disk icon appears on the desktop. Duration is one second or will not stop.”

Seems intermittent?
So the software decides to sometimes sizzle, sometimes not?
Only once in OS 9.2.1… and almost every time with Z1 9.2.2.

Pull the adapter and SSD and transfer them both intact to another Quicksilver to see if the sizzle also transfers.
(You still have more than one QS there?)
No sizzle? Then swap the CPU also, to the new machine in an attempt to replicate the sizzle.

If the sizzle transfers, then software. If not… "hardware".

OR, you might even try to reload or update Z1 9.2.1 (international version) to 9.2.2?

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