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OvalTune - old Macintosh MIDI performance app


As mentioned in Micro Music, June/July 1989

--- Quote ---- OvalTune is about creating through performance: the performance of image and music.
- OvalTune is also about creating through interacting.
- OvalTune makes technique irrelevant.

The proper approach would be to sit down at the program initially and say, "Okay, OvalTune, What can we do together?" Eventually, OvalTune will disappear for you, just like the artist's paintbrush or the musician's instrument.
--- End quote ---

Created by David Zicarelli, CEO of MAX/MSP's parent company Cycling '74.

WTF were they smoking when they programmed that... if your not confused like I am, then please try it and make a post here.

If I retire or win the lottery, I will load it up and waste a few days on it, but for now, I'm sticking to drinking a cup of Ovaltine

there is a reason why his second approach, M, has been noticed more.


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