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Backup 9.1 to file

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What would be the best way or tool to backup a system disk to a backup file?

A friend of mine owns an old PowerMac 6500 running OS 9.1. He uses this machine to run a cutting plotter. Runs fine, but he did not have a Backup... for over 20 Years....

I'm not that firm in OS9. I would not install any software, i would like to Boot from a CD and create a backup file on a USB drive. Oh, yes.. it has a USB 1.1 card.

One nice thing about Mac OS 9 is that you can simply copy everything (well nearly, pending print jobs do not work for example). You can simply copy the entire disc to another and it will boot fine.

BUT: do not use USB as any drive will most probably be formatted in FAT. You need an HFS+ formatted mass storage device. Best would be to hook up another cheap HD (6500 should all have IDE) and copy everything there.

Of course there are some solutions for "real disc copys" as well, or even professional backup solutions, but they are not necessary for a first quick backup.

Problem would be a cheap HD. What would be the biggest possible? Old computer have some issues with to big harddisks.

USB 2 to SATA adapter (1,95 euro) + 128 gb SSD (20 euro)

ist nicht teurer als ein stick, aber vielseitiger verwendbar und geht nicht so leicht verloren. stromversorgung über USB 1 ist im gegensatz zu HDDs überall problemlos.

und wie mat richtig anmerkt, für diesen zweck bitte auf jeden fall als HFS+ formatieren. dann ist es nämlich in der tat ausreichend einfach den systemordner zu kopieren. wobei ein old world mac vermutlich nicht über USB davon booten wird, das geht erst ab imac.

das kopieren geht auch vom laufenden system. nur zum zurückspielen später muss von der CD gebootet werden.

...und beschriften bevor man das backup in den schrank legt. :)

You could use Disk Copy to create an image file of your System disk. Then copy that to your back-up medium.
That meets your requirements to create a file you could copy via USB, without installing software.

But Retrospect (network version) is best for my needs...


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