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Does this exist?

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This seems like the closest forum for what I'm looking for, I guess...

I'm trying to live stream an audio input over LAN.

For example, Nicecast in OS X creates a .m3u file and adds it to my G4's local site, which I can then download to any device on my network and hear a live broadcast of whatever's coming through the line input, like a record on my turntable for instance. It's very convenient and seamless.

Does something like this exist for OS 9? Done some digging and can't seem to find anything...

Many thanks!

quicktime streaming server is also only for OSX. :(

I was able to answer "the server part of VLC" but dspite its life starting in 1996, I only found builds for OS X  ???

The next step is: what did Apple used in the 90's to stream events that were watched using the QuickTime client?

linux :)

mb we should check rhapsody and find new suprises, again. otherwise someone had to make a carbon build.


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