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Time with TAD...

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OK, so I had an awesome time meeting member "tunebyTAD" this weekend, we traded studio glory day war stories and had some great discussions over breakfast.

He made the 1 hour trek to pickup a Diehard custom 1.33 MDD, it had an Xserve CPU and modded fans; in turn he dropped off (2) Romplers I have not had for about 20 years (Korg TR-Rack and E-Mu MO'Phatt).  Truth be told, I have been getting back into using some vintage hardware ROMplers these days.  Pulled the Rolland stuff out of storage last year (XV-5050, JV-880, and a U-220).  I gave Chris (SuperNova from the forum) a JV-880 about 8 years ago and I hope he uses it cause I would take that baby back in a heartbeat about now...lol.

Anyway, it was great to see TAD's storage setup in action, he uses a PCI card with 4-port External in the G4 and an external caddy with (4) blade style SSDs (NVMe M.2) that sits on top of the MDD case.  You can't blame the guy, he loves speed and this is by far the fastest storage performance I have even seen under OS 9... we took a ride in his Tesla and the fucking thing when from 0 to 60 in about 4 seconds, it was extremely scary because I didn't expect it... nore did I expect his storage setup to break all the barriers.   It was a total cakewalk, putting his SATA card in his new 1.33 MDD and just hooking up the cables... done... machine prepped. We are going to have to share the details of his setup, but I don't think there are any of those rare ESATA card left for G4s. I am hoping he will post all the details of his ProTools rig and take a photo of the inside of his FULL Maga chassis, but if it is under the desk, maybe he can just list all his cards and go over his configuration. His "Yazoo" style tracks sound 2nd to none with lush analog synth tones, a Roland MV-1 crushing drum tones and some crazily professional mixes.  He has offered to compile for our forum a fully working set of PT TDM plugins for OS9 that will be drag and drop !

Lastly, he donated an MBOX Version one to the first member that wants it, just PM Me, but YOU have to pay the shipping.  If it is still around in a week, I will post it on our marketplace for 0 dollars.

Had a great time hanging out with DieHard!

He really know his stuff.
Even got to listen to his (back in the day) cover band that did impressive spot on covers "live"
It is an honor to have DieHard's 1.33 MDD Build.

I will soon be posting up some videos here that will hopefully move the OS9 / ProTools5 community forward.

are you booting off your external nvme insanity array or just using it for file storage? would love to know what you're using for interface if its a boot drive

double post

Seritek 64 bit full sized card boots OS9 w/o need for any driver
Samsung Evo 860 M.2 Sata stick with OS9.2.2
in a Startech 4x sata M.2 NGFF SATA bay

posted below are screen shot of:
the bay that works for me
ADATA super budget proven drive **EVO 860 / 870 are king  8)
4x sata snake to clean up the mess

1TB on OS9 friendly DAWs
BTW I tried 1TB and 2TB drives and get errors
unless I keep the partitions around 200GB
then your machine mounts a confusing amount of drives on the desktop.
so i like the little drives
Bonus, the smaller drives always produce better performance numbers  :-\


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