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Best Metering Plugins For Techs?

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Check this:

This stock Logic plug-in is all I use when checking levels on things. The reason I liked it, besides it being included with Logic Pro X, is that it has a Peak/RMS mode which not only shows you the meters, but shows a numerical value of the RMS and the Peak. It goes down to a tenth of a dB (0.1dB) which was very useful for adjusting pots on gear.

Is there another plug-in like that? Even if itís stock. Iím not sure something that good came out back then.

I canít find Spectrafoo and I donít know if I want to keep downloading a bunch of packages to see if they are set up like the one I posted above.

what tdm cards running what version
of pro tools?

I have cards that can run anything from PT4 24bit through the latest Mix stuff on OSX.

so session 8 mac piggybacked to mix core?

Yeah but I can also just use VST, if that happens to have the better meters.


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