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Best Metering Plugins For Techs?

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I don't know if this was ever a thing, but was there ever a set of plugins or general software applications geared more toward techs? I'm talking really good peak/RMS meters, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, tone generators, Wow and flutter meters, etc. I at least need some good metering software for fixing up some outboard gear - testing the input/output levels etc.

I've got a Powermac 9600 with System 7 and OS8.6, some Pro Tools TDM cards, a G4 with OS9 and OSX 10.5 or so, and a 1ghz G4 laptop with OS9 and OSX. That covers a good bit of ground. I currently don't use anything other than TDM really but I can buy a little interface and switch to whatever if the software is worth it, on any of the rigs I just mentioned.


but which is to my knowlegde standalone-only in OS9. (later had protools plug)

What Spectrafoo version is Mac OS 9 compatible?

up to 3.0.x

Does Spectafoo work? I have never had it work in OS9


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