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Hello everyone.
I have a problem. I was working with a G4 and digidesign 6.9 hd (I know it's a very old system) but after a serious problem I bought a G5 and I bought protools 8HD and installed Mac OSX 10.5.8, all original. The problem is that the DLL plugins do not work in 8HD only RTAS and waves does not respond, it just tells me to download the demo version of waves v6 or v7 but they do not support it.
Could someone help me with these plugins, please?
I am totally upset and my study very stopped.
Could someone help me with something?
Thank you very much!!

wasn´t that the ilok period? maybe their advice is right and you only need to reinstall using the demo installer?

or maybe you want to google for "xvx" in conjunction with some other words, but take care who you trust.

Thank you IO.
Right, it's for ilok. but waves no longer sells those versions it only offers the 14 day demo version.
Another option is to look for a reset demo but I don't know which one would work for mac osx 10.5.8.
xvx versions are almost all for intel, powerPC seems to have disappeared from all download platforms.

if it is only about the files, for ilok that installer should be identical to the full version, that is what i wanted to say. of course i have no idea if a higher version will actually work with your licenses.

i dont condone the policy of "expiration" of something you bought for 2000 dollars at all. reset doesnt work with the version, xvx would have decrypted the binaries totally but you might be right that it never existed for PPC.

xvx used unsanitys exploit and that was ub only

im harvesting old waves hasp dongles for that reason


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