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Logic 4, 5, and 6

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I'm wondering if it's that you have to have a 5/6 license to start with, then upgrade to 7. The 5/6 license is still there.

However I read that Apple support mentioned buying a completely new retail copy of 7 and that it would work.

I'm going to have to snag one off Ebay. I hope I don't waste my $$$

well lets find out from another member first... look before u leap;)

I just realized, I'm going to need the installers! Are the installers/updates for 6 available?

Up until a certain point Logic was Platinum. It wasn't until version 6.4 that it was called Logic Pro. The Pro version 6.4 introduced their plugins for free (I think) so it's a hefty update.

Syntho: (click on first few folders) - doesn't work but can be used as a reference.

Maybe grab some of these and store them for posterity!

look at the file size - those are just updates not full installers i think?
i just uploaded logic 5 for osx (from original dvd install media)
didnt think there was a osx version of 5 but apparently there was! you can (temporarily) get it here
im looking for people with xskeys to test it


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