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Logic 4, 5, and 6

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I don't know whether to use Logic V4, 5, or 6. 6 seems like my best bet because it has the Space Designer plugin where I can use convolution reverbs. The problem however is that I'll need to find a copy of it somewhere with the USB key.

V4 seems to use the older key, and V5, V6 as well as V7 use a USB key. I've read in two places now where they said the V7-licensed USB key allows you to use V6 and V5 since the V7 license is backward compatible. Is that true?

If so that makes things easier. Just buy a V7 key and use an older version.

i have read something to that effect aswell.
and if it works - it would be great..
but i would urge you to wait untill we get someone here to confirm this..
i can tell u that the 6 key authorizes both 6 + 5 (for both mac + windows(v5.5))
so the fact that the 7 key may authorize 7,6 + 5 would seem consistant

we can provide the software installers if someone with a logic 7 xskey will step forward to test this theory!

I may be the one to have to do that eventually. Hopefully we can get someone to confirm in the meantime.

How would you compare 4, 5 and 6 chris? They all look similar but 6 has the most features and is more graphically intense. I wonder if that makes it slower?

It would be great if someone could verify the Apple branded white Logic 7 Key theory... that it will work for Logic 5 & 6.

My Emagic branded Logic Platinum 6 black XS Key shows authorized for "Logic Platinum 6" and "Logic Platinum 5" and it will run all version updates thru 6.3.1. 

The Apple Logic Pro Update 6.4.3 for OS 9 shows that my key will only run it in "Demo Mode"... so I am assuming that is the first version to need a white XS key... for now 6.3.1 seem to be the last rev for an original black/blue XS Key.

I have a blue xkey with 5,6 and 7. Bought for 6 and upgraded to 7


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