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Good way to compress into multipacks?



What is good way to pack files from DVD into CD-ROM sized compressed files?

Something like with DOS PC when trying put files from CD-ROM to floppies:
arj a package.arj d:\*.* -r -v1440
that makes 1440 kilobytes compressed packages with filenames package.arj package.a01 package.a02 etc.

If I remember well, Stuffit Deluxe was able to do this but it is a very long time I had to do this  :-\

rar or zip work well, but youŽd lock yourself out from using OS9 to rejoin the parts in this case.

and if you use alladdins partial zip in stuff it deluxe you might end up with something which requires stuffit engine.

if you only want to split a DVD image onto 5 CDs without the need to look inside, split & concat would be the easiest solution, but this is also OSX only.

an ideal solution (i.e. readable on 3 operating systems) obviously does not exist. :(
though i am not sure if not maybe disc copy does something like that, too?


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