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How to enable debugging mode when booting the kernel in Mac OS 9?

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Hey Darth,

Most everything you have asked has already been covered here in this other thread…,6335.msg47377.html#msg47377 AHT 2.0.2 and the Apple Service Diagnostic (691-4769) has also been employed.

IF it was feasible for V. Yakob to simply change out his mobo (as GaryN and others have previously suggested) this would have been done quite a long time ago. Currently Vitaly is seeking info on how to run the debugger in the OS 9 nanoKernel as per: “OS 9 nanoKernel has a debugger that can be set with the AAPL,debug property, but very few people know how to use it.”


Ok, I didn't know about the other thread, but I'd still like to get a look at the .properties of dev /.

MacTracker says the the 2003 MDD came with either a 7455 v2.1 or a 7455B v3.3, that could be an issue we'll just have to see.

They built it form June 2003-June 2004 so there may have been some special production run change that it doesn't support booting OS 9 native, or there is some underlaying hardware issue that just isn't showing up in the AHT or OS X.

What we are looking for is a .property in dev / to see if it is "MacRISC3'?

We really need Elliot to chime in on this, I'll email him once we have all the info and see if he has time to help us debug this.

I would start with the OS 9 General.DMG from the 2003 MDD restore set and strip it down to only three things( System Suitcase, Mac OS ROM, and the Finder ) Those should be the only three files needed to boot in a blessed System Folder.......

Looks like a 7455B... ;)


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