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Alternative Idea: MacOS 9 Subsystem for Linux

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the use case of classic enviroment in 10.4.11 is mostly to run a few specific apps only and not to permanently use it like an emulation or virtualisation, so there is not too much experience about third party extensions.

however, i had tried quite a few third party extensions (including ones which are actual INITs) and it generally works.

what does not work is extensions in that area where the apple stuff has been removed in the "classic enviroment" install, hardware I/O or however it is called. for example you cant use the mouse controlpanel or OMS.


--- Quote from: cybernetix on July 04, 2022, 03:20:21 AM ---In light of that thinking, I thought it might be plausible that a sandbox could reimplement the Macintosh Toolbox to target system components in Linux (X Window, PulseAudio, networking, etc). I understand there would be an overhead because Macintosh Toolbox would require thunking/translating API calls to Linux and back again - however given hardware has improved over the journey the speed might outweigh the overhead.

The gain would be to run MacOS 9 classic apps on many facets of hardware, having graphic/audio/input/network support across the board.

--- End quote ---

You mean little like they have did for run Atari TOS/GEM with AFROS:

It's not bad idea, but with MacOS 9 there will be same problems that with Atari virtualization...Linux is not so good for MIDI or Audio than original Mac OS 9 or Atari hardware.
I haven't seen any Linux drivers for DSP-cards.

EDIT: somehow end of my answer missing so:
Although I said bad points, it is not bad idea! I think you know good points already...I might even beta test if somebody start making it. Good emulation making adds also our knowledge how to make new hardware.

btw. there is already Mac On Linux and we have even talked it in this forum:,2519

This is fantastic, I was not aware of the Mac-on-Linux project. I will take a look at it this weekend with my observations.

Thank you for sharing!


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