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CPU / MEM / NET usage appplication?


Hi there,

I'm new to the MacOS 9 world.
I was wondering if there are any apps that can show the current usage of CPU, Memory, Networking etc.
Something similar to "Activity Monitor" or "iStat".


The closest thing I know of is Jeremy's CSM Bundle

It's a set of Control Strip Modules. It's optimized for Powerbooks, but some of them run fine on any OS9 Mac.
* Before you even ask, the Temperature Module may not run on some processors and absolutely WILL NOT run on an MDD.



--- Quote ---However, when I started working with vintage Macs, and Mac OS in general, I hit a brick wall in this regard. I could not find anything that that measured and displayed CPU usage satisfactorily. I did come across cpu-view, at, but it did not seem to work very well, and struck me as unreliable. After much searching, I finally, and with some reluctance, gave up, assuming a good load meter had just never been created for the classic Mac OS.

Then I found the University of Michigan Archive (see my earlier post on this wonderful collection of software for classic Macs). Whilst trolling there one day for BunchTyper (also the topic of an earlier post in this blog), I stumbled upon the innocuously named GLA. I sat up and took notice when I was going through the 00index.txt file for the folder it was in and discovered that “GLA” stood for “Graphical Load Averager”, and that the description text likened it to the X-Windows xload utility. xload provides a nice little window that presents a scrolling bar chart of the averaged CPU occupancy. A Mac equivalent to this was just what I was looking for!
--- End quote ---

--- Quote --- CPU-View 1.3

This little application is a very useless one. It just shows the Macintosh CPU usage. However, if you have ever seen those X-Window users showing off their nifty little CPU usage windows, you now can blast them away with CPU-View. Because, this one uses textures! Ha!

    License: Freeware
    Author/Publisher: Adriaan Tijsseling/Insaneous Noise Software
    Modification Date: July 6, 1997
    Requirements: 680x0
--- End quote ---



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