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RIP Dave Smith

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Dave Smith died from a heart attack yesterday while attending a music festival.

Dave who?

The designer of the Prophet 5… the founder of Sequential circuits.


The father of MIDI.       Think about that……… MIDI

RIP Dave.   :'(

First time I've heard what it actually was that killed him.
Never met him in person but talked over email briefly... Super nice guy and Sequential stuff is amazing. Have several of their synths in my studio.
He will be missed.

My Heart is So so so Sad at the loss of Dave Smith.
*sorry for the gushing to follow. This might be my only outlet for my feeling on this.

Gary is correct about the accomplishments and legacy of Dave Smith.

Add to the list.
-commonality of patch memory
-the 2nd coming / return of analog synths to the retail marketplace
-founding father of the VSTi style / Soft synth concept
-the concept of co-designed hardware Linn / Oberheim / Roland* midi / FFocusrite *tba

If Dave only made the Prophet 5 he would a Legend.
But even in late 2021 he release the Take 5.
A full featured 5 voice analog made in the US durring a chip shortage, at the cost of US Stratocaster.

I make music almost everyday with PT5.1.3 as a Midi sequencer and audio hub
the first synth I grab to build a track is the newish... Pro3
Mark my words.. The Pro3 is going to be in the charts and on the dance floor for a long time.

I will personally miss Dave Smith.
** if we are lucky... maybe .. just maybe.. he left one more on the drawing board for us **

RIP Dave Smith

Dave's Pro3 in action




--- Quote from: tunedbytad on June 08, 2022, 09:36:03 PM ---
** if we are lucky... maybe .. just maybe.. he left one more on the drawing board for us **

--- End quote ---

Yes, we will. He said so in an interview last fall that they had one more coming after the OB-X8. At the time he said August-September time frame so it sounds like it was already pretty far along.


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