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Odd ProTools LE RTAS behaviour


I started using ProTools when I joined this board and, if I'm honest, I'm not super familiar with it.  I ran into something a couple of days ago and I'm hoping that somebody can point me in the right direction.

I recently picked up a Digi 002 console (which is great, I might add!) and started messing around with it in OS9.  Console works perfectly (well, as far as my limited experience goes) but when I go to add some RTAS plugins to any of my audio tracks, there are no plugins to choose from.  The only thing that shows up is a Virtual Instrument that I installed via a proper CD installer.  I am trying to apply them directly to a track that has recorded audio on it.

I grabbed both RTAS packages that are available here and followed the install instructions.  When the program loads, it goes through all the DAE stuff and acknowledges all the plugins (it was crashing on a couple, but I removed the offenders and it boots fine, now).  I'm trashed plugin preferences, re-dragged in the plugins, re-downloaded them, etc.  There are no other digi cards in the system.

I have another Le system (Digi001) and it works as expected.  The 002 console is running on a quicksilver and running 9.2.2.

If anybody has any other troubleshooting tips, I'd appreciate them. 


I believe the 002 Console/mixer needs a special version of ProTools... 5.3.2.  Is that what you're using?? If not it should be here on the board. There are a few threads with some details too if you poke around a bit. ;D


Hey, thanks for the reply.  I'm def. using the correct version.  At some point, I'll just try a re-install of the whole thing and see if that fixes it.  It's just odd.



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