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Drivor Suite (SCSI disk management tools)


Hello all!

First, sorry for this post because it is a pseudo-copy of one I opened on MacintoshGarden forums ... with no response.  :(

I hope I will get more here !  ;)

So ...

Back in the days, with a MO drive my father bought, we got a copy of a scsi disk management tool named Drivor Light . I was pretty sure that a non Light version existed but never found out at that time.
A few days ago, I have found this tool on a old backup CD I burnt at that time and remember about this thought. I googled a bit and found 1 reference of the Drivor Suite . In fact, there were different tools from the same author. I sent an email to the guy who was talking about this suite and he answered me by sending me the complete tool suite with serial numbers.
After some search, I have found how to extract licences used in these copies and how to reset them using ResEdit to get a clean copy. Laughing out loud
Also, on the splash screen, there is the name of the original programmer of these tools. I found him on LinkedIn and contacted him.
He answered me that he do not own the rights to let me put them on MG.

So now, THE question can/should I upload them on the Garden ? :-/

These tools are only in French ^^

For those who are not afraid by French, here is a link to another forum where you can see some pictures of these software and an exemple of the password protection in action on an old PowerBook.

Thanks for reading  -afro-


--- Quote from: zefrenchtoon on June 03, 2022, 12:02:07 PM ---So now, THE question can/should I upload them on the Garden ? :-/

--- End quote ---

To be honest, the abandonware concept MG is championing has no legal ground except if the original author decides to give the software away (like several publishers big and small did). Unfortunately, it may represent a small portion of MG content and the rest is just old software nobody cares to DMCA...

Your investigation was great and would require the last leg (finding who owns the right and ask him/her/them.
Ans/or, based on the publishing date, you can also upload the software and worst case scenario someone will contact MG to ask for taking it down. Even then, that could mean having someone to ask for how to buy the software legally and change the listing in MG from download to official linking.

I always used Hardware Toolkit and CD Toolkit to deal with HDD and SCSO but it is great to hear about other nice software in this category !

Thanks for your answer.

I was mainly using Intech's SpeedTools during OS 9 era but before I got them Drivor was a very nice tool. :)

That's why I would like to share it so I think I will do it  :-X

See you ! :)


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