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not sure what this is exactly seems to be some type of os9 compatible virtual instrument

yes the pic is for osx but i think the linked app is for os9

actually i found it because of this:
some sort of tutorial for using it with os9 pt freee

dr bu:
modularing is a program/plugin written at ircam. in max/msp, im pretty sure. i have a demo, but unfortunately the resourcefork got damaged visiting a windows-computer...and ive been unable to open it since /bu


Apparently is still on sale.

We should mail  info at

It gots the best tutorials I have seen about:

Configure MidiShare
Browser configurations
Using MidiShare and OMS together


--- Quote from: dr bu on February 10, 2014, 01:39:46 PM ---modularing is a program/plugin written at ircam. in max/msp, im pretty sure.

--- End quote ---

Yes it may be a MAX runtime. And as usual it happens to me when I find one of those :o :
Did anyone know what this is for?


--- Quote ---Modularing (modular-ring) is a large collection of software to start from music creation to live performance. Build your own rack on Apple Macintosh with intuitive interface running like vintage modular system, full MIDI, with audio synthesizers, sampler, controllers and a lot of different sequencers… Modularing runs alone or in conjunction with ProTools and other existing recorders.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Zoom on Studio Racker the assistant tool to hide modules and show connections; read the quick announcement about the Samplesonic realtime samples & loops player with synth, pitch transposition and effects, the Seq Tracker for song composition and subsection live playing, and the Audio_Engine for background mix recording onto hard disk.
Version 3.0 demo is available for download including:
16 memories per module
+ new interface more professional and simple to use
+ coloured skins
+ exclusive groove with steps shifting system
+ the Net controller for live jam sessions over local network (ethernet)
+ mono and polyphonic synthesizers included
+ AIFF and WAV samples & loops player
+ MIDI, MIDISHARE, with MIDI pluggins for VST and OMS communication (OS9 only)
+ Direct Connect support for ProTools users (OS9 only)
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Craig Anderton  (04-10-01)  "I just played with modularing, it's really perfect and it runs very well"
--- End quote ---


There is a demo out there


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