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I'm starting to develop some new projects and attempting to do all the coding on my old 7100/80. My projects will be Carbon apps, mainly because the Carbon Event Manager is so much cleaner than the old WaitNextEvent model. What I can't remember, and cannot locate, are any reasonable source code management clients for Mac OS 8 or 9. Obviously, git is out of the question but I had been hoping for a Subversion client but can't seem to locate one -- does anyone know of one? If I have to use old-school CVS, I'll do that, but hate it. Any ideas? Thanks!

I didn't try it out, but I saw a feature like that, built-in on CodeWarrior, I think version Pro 8 (8.3 update), which was the latest version of CodeWarrior to run on the original Mac OS.

There are some more apps that offer this kinda thing (version control), but I completely forgot their names. If you slowly dig through the Macintosh Garden website, you will find a few of them:

Also, if you feel really crazy, maybe you can install git on Power Machten... This thing is great with OS 9, but without enough UNIX knowledge (like my case), there's a lot to learn to enjoy it properly...

Thanks! I just applied all the CW updaters to get it to 8.3, so will poke around some there. I did a quick trawl through Macintosh Repository, but will go through the garden as well. Like I said, I don’t recall anything except CVS clients for classic Mac OS and I loathe CVS so.

Now, of course I’m thinking “well, if there’s a C library for Subversion maybe I just write a quick and dirty client” and this sounds like a disaster.

The Macintosh Repository is basically a subset of the Garden, using scraping bots or similar, but it doesn't do a perfect or complete job, so you might find more software in the Garden. Of course, some people only know of the former (they are more visible/easy to find), which sometimes leads to a small number of things being found only there, so it's good to check both places just in case.

Whatever you figure out for versioning and such, do let us know. I, too, would also like to look into some options at some point. :)

Found SourceServer 3.4.2 in these discs:

Docs say can be used with CodeWarrior, too.

Seems like an old Apple tool that got lots of updates over time. Might be worth a look?


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