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Best audio Format for ProTools 5.1.3 SD2 vs Wav vs AIFF


Looking for opinion or facts..
What is the best audio Format for ProTools Mix Systems 5.1.3

SD2 = Sound Designer 2 / Digidesign
Wav = Waveform Audio Format / MS / PC
AIFF = Audio Interchange File Format / Apple

16 vs 20 vs 24 Bit


Do yourself a favor and just use wav files. They're compatible with more software, even within an Apple ecosystem. I was using SD2 for everything and realized that I needed to import certain things into other software (like Mac sample editors) and aiff and sd2 files wouldn't work. Then I had to break out some sort of weird conversion utility, then import it into the other software. It was a headache. Wav files for sure.

which program is that which cant read aif? :)

AIFF would be better than SD2 for sure. I remember there being multiple pieces of software that required a conversion before importing because nothing but wav files would work in them. It's been a while since that happened so I'd have to go back and look. And think. But that's when I switched over to wav files. I'm running a System 7 Mac too, though...

Yeah WAV is the best option especially if the files might travel to other systems. I still use SDII quite a bit though on certain projects where I'll be burning a bunch with Toast, as it's faster with SDII... the Wav files do a little conversion dance when you drag them in ;D


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