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Mac OS 9 can't booting, grey screen only

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And of course… as with almost every Apple OS installer:

Nothing connected to the machine (inside or out) that is
not absolutely necessary for the basic function of the machine.
NO external hard drives, scanners, USB, SCSI devices etc. OR
internal cards other than the video / GPU.

ONLY the bare necessities connected during OS installs.

I don't have any connection boards.
Only Apple Keyboard (A1048) and Apple Mighty Mouse (A1152) are connected. I also tried connecting another old Apple Mouse (M5769) with one button. The situation is not changing.
I tried the image you suggested, it doesn't work, see the screenshot. I watched it for 5-7 minutes, then rebooted it. After reboot, just like with Mac OS 9 -- just a gray screen.

You downloaded and successfully burned a bootable CD from that download and then booted the machine with / from that CD (holding down the “c” key). Then you reformatted and partitioned your SSD or HD with Drive Setup 2.1 before then installing OS 9.2. from that CD?

AND you still got a gray screen upon reboot?

Well, I am completely and totally puzzled.

I couldn't boot from this disk.

I see this disk in the boot menu (hold opt), after selecting it, the icon appeared as in the photo in the message above. After restarting, the screen is gray.
Only OS X loads without problems.
I googled this problem for a week, and could not find similar cases.
What could the previous owners have done with this computer? Maybe the firmware was changed? I do not know how to check it.


--- Quote from: FBz on May 28, 2022, 12:02:32 PM ---You downloaded and successfully burned a bootable CD

--- End quote ---
Maybe the image needs to be recorded in some special application?
I am using an embedded solution in macOS 12. Right click on the image -- burn. I use Intel-based Mac + USB SuperDrive and CD-RW disk.

Other images, such as Apple Software Diagnostics, Software Restoration and Mac OS X 10.3, 10.4 distrib are working fine.


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