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Playing with Apple Software Restore image
« on: June 24, 2022, 04:50:54 AM »

I did not know where to post my experience because it is between hardware and software. You will understand what I mean

So, few weeks ago, I got my hands on an official CD to restore a Macintosh Server G4 with MacOS X Server 1.2 (Rhapsody ).
My main goal is to try to use it on a Mac Mini G4 but this would imply to erase completly the content of my internal drive and I prefer to find another solution.
I also have official CDs to install directly Rhapsody but this was funky to try this

So what I did is:
 - On my MacBook Pro using High Sierra:
    - put the CD in my drive to copy the ASR image on my internal disk
    - use Disk Utility to "convert" the ASR image to "master CD/DVD" format
    - insert my microSD card in my MBP
    - copy the converted image on my microSD card and renamed it to HD60_512.hda (I already have some others hda on it)
- On my PowerMac 6100 which use a BlueSCSI to boot:
    - insert my SD card in the BlueSCSI
    - boot my 6100 as usually on its most stable partition which contains a 7.5.3


The Macintosh Server G4 partitions appears on 7.5.3.
As I expected, the ASR image contains exactly a sort of "dd" imaged hard drive with its Apple SCSI drivers and so on.

Ok it is a 7.5.3 and these partitions are using HFS+ and UFS so, there are almost unreadable but I have the well known txt file which explains where my files are gone.

So in a next step, I should be able to try to replicate only the partitions on my internal drive without erasing all the drive. :)

I know that none of that is related to OS 9 but ASR is often used here to create installations for unsupported mac so


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