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1.42 GHz MDD CPU to 867 MHz MDD / swap

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--- Quote from: peeperpc on June 01, 2022, 11:48:58 AM ---All 820-1497-A cards I've seen are SP. Are you sure this 1.25GHz is DP?

--- End quote ---

Ooops! You are correct. It is actually an 820-1452-A 2002 / 1.25 GHz DP MDD CPU.

(Too many CPUs and too many projects going at once here for my feeble mind.)

Thanks!!! ;)

*Cover the postage to send it to you... and it's yours.

Ahh, and there is also a 1.25 GHz SP CPU that didn't make it to the list
... and it is an 820-1497-A  2002. There's my mistake / omission.
Got busy trying to format that list and dropped one. :(


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