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What’s this thing…
« on: April 14, 2022, 12:10:17 PM »

I mean I know in general it means graphics acceleration extension isn’t active. As you can expect this showed up after I swapped an ATI rage 32GB AGP card for a 64MB nVidia GeForce MX440 AGP card.

And of course now my 2D refresh has gone to crap. Scrolling down a webpage on InterWebPPC Browser is a blinking refresh mess.

My question is how do I best fix this? I went through my extensions in the manager and there’s no nVidia extensions at all. (No surprise I guess since it wasn’t installed when I installed OS9.

Is the fix to reinstall 9 in hopes it puts in the right extensions or is there a better way?

Thank you in advance for any help.

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Re: What’s this thing…
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2022, 12:57:23 PM »
The easiest fix is to get a 9 CD where you can select the packages by hand, and reinstall just the NVIDIA stuff.

Reinstalling the entire system should always choose the corresponding drivers to your installed graphiccard. But that is not neccessary. You can as well simply take the latest drivers alone from here. See:,1100.0.html

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Re: What’s this thing…
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2022, 01:28:15 PM »
Yup. Use the link provided above by Mat.
I can’t find nVidia drivers / extensions on the OS 9.1 Apple retail installer CD.
They are on the Universal 9.2.2 and Mactron’s Emergency disc version too.


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