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Trying to get Jabbernaut to compile in CodeWarrior 6



I'm stuck with this project. Instead of trying to build my own Jabber/XMPP client using Realbasic, I thought I'd try to resurrect Jabbernaut ( from the dead. Got the sources from the original developer, but I can't seem to get them to compile using CW6. I'm probably doing something odd configuration wise in the project.

Would anyone with a bit more CodeWarrior experience want to give it a go to try to see where the problem lays?
Sources can be found here:

Thanks a lot!

Getting an enhanced Jabbernaut Jabber client for Mac OS 9 would be plain awesome. Modern Instant Messaging meeting Mac OS :-)

I hope someone with good Code Warrior know how can help Knezzen out and get this project going?

Indeed! Would be awesome to be able to use Jabbernaut together with the Macintosh Garden IM Gateway!

I’ve been diving deep back into classic Mac OS development, so will download the source and give it a go this week. My current project is attempting a fix at a thorny timing bug in SheepShaver’s Time Manager patches, so if I can make some positive progress on that I’ll bop over to this. Sounds like a fun challenge! I may try to bring it up in CW 8.3 tho.


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