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MDR-V6 vs K240 Studio for mastering?

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you can use sub-100-dollar headphones for mixing if you do not exclusively listen with them but also use your speakers from time to time to compare and eventually do the final mix / decisions.

but most of them have that issue gary mentioned, if they have a good bass range, the bass is also too loud.

i recently tried to replace a midprice open sennheiser with a new cheap closed sennheiser, and they are not only two times louder and go down to 10Hz (which would be something positive). it is impossible to mix techno and electronica with them - or do sounddesign and software development - because the bass feels like it would be 3 times louder than it should be.

my old ones kind of sound like my big speakers and also similar to my smaller speakers, these new ones sound like i would be sitting right inside a bassdrum, beeing outlocked from the rest of the world.

eventually i am gonna replace it with an AKG K701 soon.

Just to drag this thread a little more…

You know, I have a lot of (probably too many) headphones including three pairs of Stax electrostatics. Those are as accurate as it gets.
They're also by far the least fatiguing / ring-inducing and are literally a joy to use. They are invaluable to peer deep into a mix and/or precisely place things L to R (not front to back, obviously) and hear the exact timbre of things without the coloration of room resonances and such.


I'm very aware that a lot of… call it "contemporary" shit is listened to almost exclusively on shitty headphones and shittier earbuds driven by incredibly shitty internal cellphone IC amps which makes a valid case for mixing that shit using the same shitty equipment.


I guess I'm just too old for that shit.

Well, by "production," I mean mostly just voice clips and the odd sound effect. Recording them, checking for any dumb mistakes, placing them in a scene and making sure they aren't too loud, and a lot of the time, I'm going to be crushing them down to 22KHz 8-bit anyway in order to fit within hardware limitations, I just want to hear how they sound as neutrally as possible before then and make sure that the resulting crushed versions sound as good as they possibly can at that quality. I definitely won't skip on using my speakers, but I'd rather use headphones to listen for stuff that would be basically lost under all the traffic and police sirens and airplanes right next to my window. San Diego is a loud place.
I'm not going to be doing a whole ton of music, but it seems like the K240s are better (maybe not perfect, but better) for that purpose, then? I'm hearing about way too much bass on the MDRs.
And regarding using them without an amp, I've honestly been totally fine plugging my K240s into my 7th gen iPod, and that's with the max volume set at -5db and the actual volume set at about -10, and a diagnosed 5db hearing loss in one ear. Same deal with my phone, a Moto G Play 2021. Now, if something loud happens nearby it'll drown out the noise, they aren't magically not openbacks, but volume's never really been a problem for me. Quality on the other hand, I've heard an amp will help with that.
I don't really have the budget to drop $6,000 on a pair of Stax X9000s when I'm literally just starting out, so the budget pairs are about as good as I can get. Better than a pair of Behringer HPS3000s.
Any recommendations in the sub-$300 range to save up for?

Note that the vents on the K240 are more heavily filtered than many open-back headphones, so they are probably helping more with environment noise than many would. The polar opposite would be a "free field" phone like the MDR-F1 which filters nothing at all.


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