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Sahara dust

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March was a very dry month with only 2 mm of rain and much yellowish dust here in Belgium. I read that this is Sahara dust. I have to wipe it off every day. It sticks to vertical surfaces too like glass. Iíll have to clean the G4. Thereís probably much dust inside. I donít dare to look. Yesterday it started to rain but the dust keeps coming. When is this going to stop?

4 days ago here in germany we had sahara dust and snow at the same time. if you dont want any of this in your room, leave the windows closed. :)

Same here. Reddish Sahara dust covering everything. Apocalyptic scenes at the car wash :-D

We had it bad in UK a few weeks ago.

Last month went skiing in Austria, and you could clearly see the difference between the prepared white piste and beige off-piste.

If I wipe it off with my hand itís yellow in the middle, thatís why I first thought that it was clay, with a sharp brown line at the side. If I look closely I see small red splinters of stone.


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