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Horizontal lines in 1999 LCD Apple Studio Display

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Has anyone ever done a teardown of one of these models? (15" 1998 LCD, 1999 Blueberry or Graphite)

I've got horizontal lines, and would like to inspect the connectors for any problems, but there is no iFixit guide for how to get inside one of these.

I managed to get the translucent shell off the back, but got no further.

Which is the resolution and which line is it?

Make a screenshot instead of a picture. Watch this picture on a different computer. Does it show that line?

Try a different resolution. Is that line in the same place?

It could be the video memory that is defective. Or the memory is overwritten by a bad program.

No, it's definitely just the display.
It's a 1024x768 display, and a screenshot shows up with no line.

Changing the resolution doesn't change the line either.

Using a different monitor is fine, so it's definitely hardware.

it is not nice, but the position of the prtoblem suggest that you can still use this monitor for some things.

In a second hand store you will find lots of LCD monitors with a resolution of 1280x1024 for 10 euro or less.


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