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SIL3112 Mass Storage Drivers!

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Thanks, looks great, I'll update the downloads soon with your custom icons.

Anyone have any feedback on how the drivers are working?

I noted with the Wiebe Driver that disks didn't want to mount via drive setup on my Beige G3, so still some work to do there.

would love to test this.
I have a bench MDD 1.25 ready to test
It currently has a Sonnet Tempo Sata card with M.2 Sata Samsung 850s to benchmark against.

Plz, give me a solid link to what Sata card the driver purchase  / mate to the drivers and I will report back.

I have an Adaptec card that I suspect will work with this and a copy of 9.2.1 on a Sawtooth I am rebuilding right now. I downloaded the zip for the PC bios but the extension comes through as a simpletext file. Is there a good way to extract it with the resource forks working? I have been away from the classic mac world for 15-20 years so things are a bit fuzzy.

if a zip can be unstuffed without loosing resource forks depends on how it was made. the files above must be unzipped under OSX or you end up with only the readme. :)

I don't like speaking and mostly observe from the shadows, but I need to say thank you. The work people on this forum do directly helps me and my family, who live with and use a Power Macintosh every day. You make that computer better than it was in the past.


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