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SIL3112 Mass Storage Drivers!

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I have, with the help of @joevt/imic/Daniel/whoisthisguy, and Apple's somewhat confusing documentation on 'NDRV's, created a Classic Mac OS( not Mac OS X Classic Mode ) driver for Sil3112 SATA.

These drivers will not make a drive connected to the Sil3112 bootable in the Classic Mac OS, it is meant to be a Mass Storage Driver and you do not need it for a card the already has the FirmTek 'NDRV' in ROM.

Driver #1 is for a generic Sil3112 with a PC Bios on it.

Driver #2 is for a Sil3112 with the WiebeTech Firmware on it.

Driver #3 is for a Sil3112 with a reduced SerilTek/Firmtek Firmware on it.( I have reduced the firmware to 82k but have not found the EPPROM ID check to bypass it. )

THESE ARE ALPHA LEVEL DRIVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't use them on drives with mission critical data until you have tested them and you are sure enough to trust them. I take no responsibility for loss of your data.

Driver #2 and #3 will allow you to use the StartupDisk Control Panel to boot OS X on New World Macs that support it without XPOSTFACTO. XPostFacto has a bug with the "device_tyoe" ATA from the WiebeTech firmware, it should not effect the Startup Disk Control Panel. There is a workaround if you need to boot OS X with the WiebeTech firmware using XPostFacto.

These drivers will not enable you to boot versions of OS X, that is a function of the cards firmware! But they will enable you to select and boot versions of OS X that are supported by the OS X Driver in your cards Firmware for the Mac OS Startup Disk Control Panel( versions that support OS X ) Basically the Mac OS Startup Disk Control Panel for OS 9.x. It also enables the use of XPostFacto to boot OS X with cards that have the correct firmware( WeibeTech/FirmTech ).

You will not be able to boot OS X from a card with a PC Bios, this Driver does not support that.

What has been tested:

Mac OS 9.2.2 Powermac 9600
Mac OS 7.6.1 PowerMac 9600

Known Bugs:

ATAPI devices will causes a long boot hang as the driver loads and probes the ATAPI device.

ATAPI devices seem to lack DMA, very slow, but my test of copying a 732MB file from DVD to HD did not result in any system hangs or data corruption. It's just damed slow( a known issue with FirmTek on the Mac OS ).

Hard Drives connected don't always Auto Mount( Use Drive Setup to mount drives ).

What needs to be done:

Create custom Icons for our driver.( You can help with this! )
Combine all three drivers into one Extension.( I'm working on it! )
Fix DMA? for ATAPI devices( It's complicated! )
Figure out why some Hard Drives don't auto mount.( I'm working on it, but you can help by reporting the vendor and device for your drives that do or don't auto mount! )


Mac OS 7.5.2 and greater should support partitions up to 2TB for drives formatted HFS/HFS+.( untested ).
Requires a Free PCI Slot.


Mostly everything.

icons are on their way.

Amazing work!!!  8)

Thanks a lot.  ;D
Another great job!



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