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The New Apple iMac G4 (Flat Panel) 2022 M1 Model Unveiled !


The New Apple iMac G4 (Flat Panel) 2022 M1 Model Unveiled:

20 years later...


According to the original post, the computer actually functioned just fine, he just doesn't actually care about the iMac G4 besides the surface level appearance. I'm not really a fan of this kind of thing even though I don't even like the G4 just because they're already somewhat rare and finite, so to use a working one instead of, say, selling it and getting a dead one...
Doesn't really sit well with me.

Edit: apparently he's selling the original parts off, so I don't mind as much.

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Sorry for the "click bait" guys, but I thought is was worth a quick mention as news stuff :)


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