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Apple Soundmanagerdriver for Yamaha CBX D5

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if u ever find these sound manager driver for this interface it will work with ptfree if you ever wanted to use it;)

Hold on: I do have these somewhere, as I had (still have) a CBX.
I just have to dig it up... will post it when I find it.
Have you tried Macintosh Garden or Jag's house?


Here is the latest CBX-D5 driver I got. goes in the extensions folder.

I also suggest you track down and try Yamaha's "Tiny Wave Editor". Made to work with the CBX, could be a neat sound recorder/editor if not for the fact that you must specify the lenght of your recording before you start recording...

There was also a shareware called "CBX mixdown" I think that let you digitally process already recorded audio by the CBX. Could have been useful, but I never found a way to fully activate it.

Me, I just wish I could revive my copy of Digital Performer 1.4Y that came with the CBX: My authorization diskette is dead...

good luck,


Pierre there is a copy of 1.7 on the macintosh garden
why not ues 2.7?

You mean Digital Performer?
That won't do: DP 1.4Y was a version specifically designed for the CBX. it contains drivers and components to control the routing and onboard effects of the CBX that are not in other versions...



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