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Apple Soundmanagerdriver for Yamaha CBX D5

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i never tried this one....


Will this work with the CBX-D5???
that would be awesome!


--- Quote from: P.O. on January 01, 2023, 07:35:16 AM ---Will this work with the CBX-D5???
that would be awesome!

--- End quote ---

Cubase Audio ST/PC/Mac


MOTU have taken a conscious decision to support the higher end of the direct-to-disk/digital audio market, and so Digital
Performer v1.7 does not support the rather limited audio facilities (and nasty connectors!) offered by Apple's Sound Manager
3.0 and upwards, nor does it support the Yamaha CBX hardware that the special version 1.41Y did . Instead, MOTU now
concentrate exclusively on Digidesign hardware, from the simple plug-in cards of Audiomedia II (NuBus) and III (PCI), via what was once Session 8 and is now called Pro Tools Project, through to the fully professional and comprehensibly expandable Pro Tools III systems. Supporting just one manufacturer's equipment pays dividends in consistency and simplicity, and makes setting up much easier for the end user.
The review setup was based upon a low-end Pro Tools system, giving 4-voice polyphony and eight audio inputs/outputs.
(There is more information on Digidesign systems in this month's Apple Notes column; see pages 122/3.)

you are looking for 1.41Y

I already have DP 1.41Y. lost all my installs, can't do anything with it. I know I could use Logic (and Cubase Audio it seems) but I'm not familiar with either and I have no desire whatsoever to learn yet another DAW.
The impression was given that DP 1.7 would work. I guess I'll just give up on the CBX-D5.


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