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Samplecell Sound CDs Request


Hello. i am new to here and come from a group with close online friends of mine working to archive 90s sample cds and we are highly interested in the samplecell format that is often mentioned here

Does anyone here happen to have any CDs made for the format? the group i am in already has iso rips of a few cds (Like all revisions of the factory sound disks, Poke in the Ear 1, ILIO Synclavier, etc) already but not all of them. i am personally interested in four very rare and htf cds that were released exclusively for samplecell. we don't have most spectrasonics libraries in samplecell format either, but we have those in other formats like AKAI or Roland.  here is what i am most interested in:

Steinberg - The Missing Link Volume 1
Instant Score (a demo of this is featured on the samplecell ii audio demo cd)
Command Central Volume 1
and Rhythm Guitar Project.

Invision Lightware Vol 1 & 2 in samplecell would be nice too if anyone has that

i know several people here have mentioned having samplecell cds, but have never gotten a chance to rip them. we currently only have rips of about a quarter of the ones released. the ones i have mentioned above along with several other discs that are also available in AKAI format i do not have rips of. i think now is the time to start figuring out a way to preserve these rarities. if converting to kontakt, i'd recommend cdxtract. or if you run windows, translator should work good too. if converting to img or iso format, as long as the hfs data doesn't get corrupted when converting, you should be good. i'd prefer if both options were done personally.

dm me or reply here if you are able to help. Thanks - Nesufire

I don't have any, but I do have a SampleCell card and would be interested in some of the discs you mention.

Did Bob Clearmountain Drums exist for SampleCell?

i have them in iso format and not physically. i can provide the factory library (you can look at a conversion on posted by a friend of mine) but not sure if i have permission for the others. ill need to see once i can gather as much rips as i can.

and yeah it was released. i have a physical audio demo cd for samplecell (only thing i own related to it physically) and it mentions it

if anyone here does happen to have any of the disks i mention, do lmk. thanks!


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