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Maximum Gigabit Ethernet throughput

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What’s the maximum Gigabit Ethernet throughput between a Mac that boots OS 9 and a Windows PC? How fast is it? How did you do it?

I would like to take as example, make a large file with Disk Copy and measure how fast you can transfer it.

I did it many many years ago … so I can't remember the result ^^

The easiest way would be to use a ftp client on MacOS 9 to send/get the file on the Windows hosting a FTP server (Interarchy, Fetch, etc).

Or using the Personnal Web Sharing to enable a Web server to download from Windows.

Or you can install Dave to use SMB to transfert your file but I think it will be better with FTP.

i am getting around 30mb/s using protocols like hotline or kdx (with encryption turned off) between a lenovo laptop and a quicksilver.

no difference between OS9 and OSX.

i am using a very bad cable.

In an ATPM article from November 2001 they recommend to use FTP.

I have 25.4 MB/s.

If I use Fetch, then all my files are 'BINA'/'hDmp'. How do I get the right type and creator?


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