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dosdude1 is also working on old Mac mini G4 and their firmware !

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I discovered on a f**book post that the well known dosduse1 is working on extrem modifications (overclocking up to 2GHz and firmware modifications to accept 7448) on Mac mini G4 (and looking for more unit to make tests).

I share you the post and the screenshot he shared in his post.

That's cool and certainly, nobody will ever say no to free extra Mhz :-) ...but the truth is, that OS9 on any Mac Mini G4 model will just fly and I can't really think of any reason why I'd want to overclock and potentially harm my hardware.

That said, if seen as an experiment this is extremely cool. I just hope he finds good ways to keep the bottom cool, maybe putting the Mini on a pack of ice or something :D

the 1.42 / 1.5 is already terrible loud when it processes at 100%.

maybe it can make sense to move a mini board into a 19" rack and ventilate that thing better.

I was not thinking about overclock but mainly for its skills about firmware hacking to "help" us to correct the few problems we have on minis and others G4s (i'm talking about sound, usb 2, fw800 and so on )

I think I will try to send him a message to ask him what he thinks about all of these topics. :)

Great idea, zefrenchtoon. It'd be really cool to have someone capable trying to "iron out" the remaining bugs and possibly entending compatibility.


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