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Next Unit ?

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My next?
The Raspberry PI 4
Running Mac OS 9 on iRaspbian X
Meant this Xmas -postponed due to quest for Mac Mini G4 that boots Mac OS 9 natively were prioritized highest,
and because the PI 4 were on backorders. Can't wait for my slice of the pie  :P

What's yours ?
Can be anything hardware related; DIY, vintage, new or even something in the future -"Not yet" build or invented.

Social Post

it is I... Again -am I the only one with dreams to share ? I doubt that -nonetheless I'm sharing.

The past month, especially the past few days, it has occured to me that I'm not at all done -going backwards.
"To understand the present, even if that being on Mac OS 9, one can learn a lot from the past."

So actually -my next unit, (before the PI) will instead be a 68K Mac on System 7 able to run 68k and Power PC applications.
Tuning into that I'm in the process of learning which unit to choose. From Kay Koba's blog (I posted) and the YouTube he linked, and thanks to JDW, I learned about 68kMLA -so I joined, I recall seeing this some years back in 2011 but didn't go deeper into it. Oh boy! It's bustling of life and beaming of posts and images from all their cool projects. If one thinks Mac OS 9 is dead, one won't look no further.
I'm most certain Bolkonskij is more than capable of pointing me in the right direction. After all he runs System 7 Today

I'm immensely annoyed MicroSoft had the upper hand in my country and I'm annoyed for being brainwashed with PC. Which resulted in not paying attention to the Apple scene and switching to Apple years back.

Yeah so you got Mac OS 9 installed, congrats -what now?
Many of us, who did not grow up with the System are kinda lost. I'm in the slow process of setting up my Mac OS 9 perfectly, thanks to one new friend on macos9lives out of 8241 members -that's impressive but typical me.

Anyway, don't give up -stay tuned! There's tons of new http websites popping up. like I say:
"New incoming retrowave approaching, this time around it's a tidal bore."

This thread could easily be renamed to Next Mindset ?

-Injecting LIFE -into Old Tech

I'm good on old Macs for the moment -- my next computer is gonna be a Raptor Blackbird build I've already gotten started on. After that, I might dip my toes into the Old World, with maybe a 7500 or Beige G3 Desktop.

Would love a 21" Apple CRT display though, whether VGA or ADC.

Actually looking for a Macintosh Quadra 605 (and not 650 ...)

I already have a LC 475 stored at my parents attic but I would like to find a 605 because of its case which I prefer over the 475.

Problem is ...  it is rare, was not sold in Europe and I live in France :(

I almost got one from Japan but its price was growing too much for me.

If anyone has an info about one to sell ...   -afro-

Yesterday I was looking into the Pi 400, the Raspberry Pi in a keyboard case all-in-one design. It's tempting to buy one to play around, especially at the low price and maybe install Amibian and turn it into a potent Amiga computer. But then, I have too much stuff and too little time anyway.

Probably the only thing that could really make me draw my wallet would be a tangerine iMac G3 in good shape. I always wanted one but never managed. But then I wonder where it would fit in terms of my computer usage and finding one in decent shape is getting harder and harder (failing CRTs, brittle plastic ...)

Hence, yesterday I decided that I'll rather focus on a max on two Macs. More like the way I used to use a computer back in the day, diving more deep into it.

And that will be my Mac Mini G4 running OS9 and my Macintosh IIci. I'll keep trying to get the most out of them and keep using them productively for work where possible. Just added a RaSCSI to my Mac IIci and it's been fun to take it online.

The RaSCSI also has the ability to act as a virtual CD-ROM drive which I haven't tried yet, but it looks very interesting. So testing that is probably up next.


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